Aathmave Po

In a village, unsettling incidents spark a new challenge intertwined with love and compassion. The tale culminates in a mysterious, sudden death that shrouds the village in fear and unease.

Dan Jr Vlogs

A vlog series with diverse, insightful content on food, lifestyle, and movies, standing out from humor-centric videos, providing a refreshing perspective.


A group of talented young creators from Coimbatore known for their humorous take on everyday situations and quirky storytelling.

Topper Loves Backbencher

Series about a topper who loves a backbencher.  Best school comedy to see what this story unfolds. With amazing characters.

Nakkalites Fzone

A branch of Nakkalites exclusively with content on women. A super cool sketch comedy on the daily events and the fun incidents a woman faces.


A series of comedy that has got a quirky style with amazing dialogues and funny performances from the lead characters.


Surya calims to coworkers about getting hitched, sharing a photo of a girl. Fate steps in when the same girl becomes his boss.