Aspiring cop Raana faces suspicion in loan shark Kapali's murder and Raana races to find the true killer. An amazing thriller starring Shreyas Manju, Samyuktha Hegde and Reshma Nanaiah.

A feel good romantic film featuring Darling Krishna. It is a journey of a software engineer who meets a girl and falls in love.

A young man's love for a masseuse turns chaotic after a murder, altering their paths. A great thriller starring Dhananjaya to catch up on a weekend.

 Karthik dreams of marriage for lifelong happiness but must marry the 31st girl as per a priest's prophecy. A fun and romantic film featuring Darling Krishna. 

Raised by their sister, two brothers take different paths—one turns to crime, the other stays honest. A gripping tale of thriller starring Prajwal Devaraj.