Top Kannada serial on Sun NXT

Sun NXT, the popular streaming platform, offers a wide range of entertainment options for its viewers. Among the various categories available, Kannada TV serials have garnered a significant audience. In this article, we will explore some of the top Kannada serials available on Sun NXT that have captivated the hearts of viewers across the globe.


1. Suryavamsha

Suryavamsha follows the saga of an affluent village family led by Sathyamurthy who is a patriarch on a quest to find his long-lost grandson. The narrative takes an intriguing turn when Karna, under a pretense, enters the family fold. As the story unfolds, viewers witness Karna’s journey of discovery, travelling through love and conflict while unraveling the untold stories of his life.

Through its interesting storyline, Suryavamsha delves into the complexities of familial bonds and personal identity. Viewers are drawn to the variety of characters and the emotional depth of the narrative. This Kannada serial, available on Sun NXT, offers an exploration of love, deceit, and redemption, serving as a compelling reflection of the human experience.


2. Myna

Myna follows the journey of a young woman born into a humble and rustic background. Troubled by familial and financial concerns, Myna takes it upon herself to leave home and fearlessly pursue a better life for her family. The show portrays Myna’s unwavering spirit as she bravely faces the odds of life.

Through its poignant storytelling, Myna showcases the indomitable human spirit and the relentless pursuit of dreams. Viewers are drawn to the relatable characters and the emotional depth of the narrative. This Kannada serial on Sun NXT serves as an inspiration to all those who believe in the power of determination and resilience.


3. Gange Gowri

Gange Gowri is a heartwarming tale of two sisters, Gowri and Gange, who share an unbreakable bond. Despite their contrasting personalities, they are willing to go to any lengths to protect and support each other. However, their lives take an unexpected turn when love enters the picture, intertwining their destinies with Abhay.

The storyline of Gange Gowri explores the complexities of relationships, sacrifices, and the enduring power of sibling love. Viewers are enchanted by the endearing chemistry between the characters and the emotional rollercoaster that unfolds. With its relatable themes and engaging narrative, this Kannada serial on Sun NXT has garnered a loyal fan base.


4. Shambhavi

Shambhavi narrates the story of a brave young girl who grows up in a tumultuous environment. Born to a loving mother, Shivagami, and an evil father, Ashok, Shambhavi’s life is shaped by love and divine blessings. However, she soon finds herself facing treachery and betrayal that tests her strength and resilience.

The show delves into the themes of love, trust, and the power of inner strength. Viewers are captivated by Shambhavi’s journey as she navigates the challenges thrown her way. With its compelling storyline and powerful performances, Shambhavi stands as a testament to the triumph of good over evil.


5. Anna Thangi

Anna Thangi revolves around the lives of siblings Shivaraj and Tulasi, who tragically lose their parents at a young age. Despite their difficult circumstances, the bond between the brother and sister remains unbreakable. When Tulasi falls in love with Abhishek, she agrees to her brother’s wish for her marriage, leading to a stirring tale of sacrifice and devotion.

The show explores the complexities of familial relationships and the lengths we are willing to go for our loved ones. Anna Thangi tugs at the heartstrings of viewers with its emotional depth and relatable characters. This Kannada serial on Sun NXT has garnered a dedicated following who eagerly follow the journey of this doting brother and sister.


In conclusion, Sun NXT offers a diverse selection of Kannada TV serials that have captured the attention of viewers. From mythological dramas to stories of resilience and sacrifice, these serials provide a range of compelling narratives. Whether you are a fan of mythology, romance, or family dramas, Sun NXT has something to offer for everyone. So, sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Kannada serials on Sun NXT.