Top Kannada serial on Sun NXT
Top Kannada serial on Sun NXT

Sun NXT, the popular streaming platform, offers a wide range of entertainment options for its viewers. Among the various categories available, Kannada TV serials have garnered a significant audience. In this article, we will explore some of the top Kannada serials available on Sun NXT that have captivated the hearts of viewers across the globe.


1. Suryavamsha

Suryavamsha follows the saga of an affluent village family led by Sathyamurthy who is a patriarch on a quest to find his long-lost grandson. The narrative takes an intriguing turn when Karna, under a pretense, enters the family fold. As the story unfolds, viewers witness Karna’s journey of discovery, travelling through love and conflict while unraveling the untold stories of his life.

Through its interesting storyline, Suryavamsha delves into the complexities of familial bonds and personal identity. Viewers are drawn to the variety of characters and the emotional depth of the narrative. This Kannada serial, available on Sun NXT, offers an exploration of love, deceit, and redemption, serving as a compelling reflection of the human experience.


2. Myna

Myna follows the journey of a young woman born into a humble and rustic background. Troubled by familial and financial concerns, Myna takes it upon herself to leave home and fearlessly pursue a better life for her family. The show portrays Myna’s unwavering spirit as she bravely faces the odds of life.

Through its poignant storytelling, Myna showcases the indomitable human spirit and the relentless pursuit of dreams. Viewers are drawn to the relatable characters and the emotional depth of the narrative. This Kannada serial on Sun NXT serves as an inspiration to all those who believe in the power of determination and resilience.


3. Gange Gowri

Gange Gowri is a heartwarming tale of two sisters, Gowri and Gange, who share an unbreakable bond. Despite their contrasting personalities, they are willing to go to any lengths to protect and support each other. However, their lives take an unexpected turn when love enters the picture, intertwining their destinies with Abhay.

The storyline of Gange Gowri explores the complexities of relationships, sacrifices, and the enduring power of sibling love. Viewers are enchanted by the endearing chemistry between the characters and the emotional rollercoaster that unfolds. With its relatable themes and engaging narrative, this Kannada serial on Sun NXT has garnered a loyal fan base.


4. Shambhavi

Shambhavi narrates the story of a brave young girl who grows up in a tumultuous environment. Born to a loving mother, Shivagami, and an evil father, Ashok, Shambhavi’s life is shaped by love and divine blessings. However, she soon finds herself facing treachery and betrayal that tests her strength and resilience.

The show delves into the themes of love, trust, and the power of inner strength. Viewers are captivated by Shambhavi’s journey as she navigates the challenges thrown her way. With its compelling storyline and powerful performances, Shambhavi stands as a testament to the triumph of good over evil.


5. Anna Thangi

Anna Thangi revolves around the lives of siblings Shivaraj and Tulasi, who tragically lose their parents at a young age. Despite their difficult circumstances, the bond between the brother and sister remains unbreakable. When Tulasi falls in love with Abhishek, she agrees to her brother’s wish for her marriage, leading to a stirring tale of sacrifice and devotion.

The show explores the complexities of familial relationships and the lengths we are willing to go for our loved ones. Anna Thangi tugs at the heartstrings of viewers with its emotional depth and relatable characters. This Kannada serial on Sun NXT has garnered a dedicated following who eagerly follow the journey of this doting brother and sister.


In conclusion, Sun NXT offers a diverse selection of Kannada TV serials that have captured the attention of viewers. From mythological dramas to stories of resilience and sacrifice, these serials provide a range of compelling narratives. Whether you are a fan of mythology, romance, or family dramas, Sun NXT has something to offer for everyone. So, sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Kannada serials on Sun NXT.

Top Malayalam Serials to watch on Sun NXT
Top Malayalam Serials to watch on Sun NXT

Sun NXT is a renowned streaming platform, showcases a plethora of Malayalam serials catering to diverse preferences. Its primary goal is to engage audiences across the nation. Explore the captivating range of shows on SunNXT, offering entertainment for every taste and ensuring widespread accessibility.


Popular Malayalam serials on Sun NXT

1. Mangalyam Thanthunaane

Mangalyam Thanthunaane revolves around the life of Nidhi, a bold and compassionate woman who finds happiness in making others happy. Nidhi’s life takes an unexpected turn when circumstances lead her to tie the knot with Gowtham, her good friend and love of her life. However, their path to marital bliss is not smooth as conspiracies within the family arise, vying to break them apart. Will true love prevail in the face of adversity?

Mangalyam Thanthunaane is a heartwarming tale of love, trust, and the power of relationships. The show portrays the struggles faced by Nidhi and Gowtham as they navigate through the complexities of family dynamics and societal expectations. With its compelling storyline and relatable characters, this serial keeps viewers hooked from start to finish. Whether you are a fan of romance, drama, or family-centric narratives, Mangalyam Thanthunaane is sure to capture your heart.

2. Hridayam

Hridayam takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster ride, exploring the complexities of relationships and the power of love. Dr. Niranjan, trapped in an unhappy marriage with a vicious wife, finds solace in his daughter, Shruthi. Meanwhile, Sudhi and Devika believe they have found their soulmates in each other. However, fate has other plans for them as their lives intersect, leading to a complex web of relationships.

This serial beautifully portrays the struggles faced by its characters and their journey towards finding happiness and fulfillment. With its gripping narrative and well-rounded characters, Hridayam captures the essence of human emotions and the intricacies of love. Whether you are a fan of intense drama or heartwarming moments, this serial is a must-watch for all Malayalam television enthusiasts.

3. Ammakilikkoodu

Ammakilikkoodu tells the inspiring story of Nandita, a young widow who emerges from her bleak situation with her head held high. Despite her difficult circumstances, she raises her four children with love, wisdom, and unwavering determination. As her children grow up, they become increasingly concerned about their mother’s well-being and decide to find her a life partner. This serial beautifully portrays the strength of a mother’s love and the resilience of the human spirit.

4. Anandaragam

Anandaragam follows the journey of Darshana, an ambitious woman, and Rupesh Sundar, a school dropout, who are forced to tie the knot due to unfortunate circumstances. Despite their differences, they embark on a journey to make their marriage work. However, life throws numerous challenges their way, testing their love and determination. Will Darshana be able to realize her dream of becoming an IPS officer amidst the hardships she faces? Watch it on Sun NXT to find it.

5. Kaliveedu

Kaliveedu tells the captivating story of Nandhagopan, a man who is forced to marry Pooja, his long-lost daughter, due to unavoidable circumstances. Pooja, raised in a different environment, finds herself in a contract marriage with Arjun, a lawyer. Although they are like chalk and cheese, fate has other plans for them. As the story unfolds, Pooja strives to reclaim her true identity amidst love, betrayal, and unexpected twists.



Sun NXT offers a wide range of Malayalam serials that cater to different tastes and preferences. From heartwarming family dramas to intense love stories, each serial on this platform has its unique charm. Mangalyam Thanthunaane, Hridayam, Ammakilikkoodu, Anandaragam, and Kaliveedu are just a few examples of the captivating shows that Sun NXT has to offer.

Whether you are a fan of romance, drama, or inspirational narratives, these serials are bound to leave a lasting impression. With their compelling storylines, stellar performances, and relatable characters, they have become the talk of the town. So, sit back, and immerse yourself in the world of Malayalam serials on Sun NXT.

Watch your favorite Gemini TV Telugu serials exclusively on Sun NXT
Watch your favorite Gemini TV Telugu serials exclusively on Sun NXT!

Calling all Telugu serial enthusiasts! If you’re hooked on the latest episodes of your favorite shows but can’t always catch them on TV, fear not! Sun NXT is here to save the day with a treasure trove of entertainment just for you. Sun NXT offers over 50,000 hours of content in 6 Indian languages, including Telugu. It’s your go-to destination for non-stop fun.

Gemini TV fans, rejoice! People love your channel for its diverse lineup. It includes serials, reality shows, game shows, and more. But what if life gets in the way and you miss an episode? No worries! Sun NXT has your back with all the latest Gemini TV Telugu serials available at your fingertips. Plus, your viewing experience just got a whole lot better. Features like offline download, Dolby Vision, and English subtitles are to thank.

So, grab your snacks, kick back, and dive into the world of Telugu serials on Sun NXT. The entertainment never stops!

  • Upenna: Chakravarthy and Parvati defy parents, marry. Daughter Janani excels despite setbacks. Gogineni Sivaram proposes Abhiram to Janani. Janani learns truth, finds solace in Abhiram. They fight against abusive in-laws ensues, with sisters’ support. How will they overcome the hurdles and unite? Watch Upenna serial online on Sun NXT to find out.
  • Ardhangi: Unfortunate events force an ambitious Eashwari and a school dropout Sundara Murthy to tie the knot. Can this odd couple turn their marriage into a happily ever after? Will Eashwari realize her IPS dream amidst life’s many hardships? Watch Ardhangi serial online on Sun NXT to find out.
  • Geethanjali: Geetha’s idyllic life with her beloved husband Ramu and their extended family is disrupted by fate’s cruel hand. Follow Geetha’s journey as she navigates family dynamics amidst life’s challenges.
  • Anu Ane Nenu: In the midst of an unhappy marriage with Akshara, Dr. Venkatesh finds solace in his daughter, Shruti. However, he’s drawn to Anu, whose compassion for Shruti captivates him. As confusion sets in, will fate bring them together? Watch “Anu Ane Nenu” on Sun NXT to discover if love prevails amidst life’s complexities.
  • Aa Okkati Adakku: Pilli Padmanabha Simha’s ancestral house bars women, and his grandsons swear off marriage. However, when Komali and Mallika become daughters-in-law, chaos ensues. Watch as tradition clashes with modernity in the Pilli household.

You can explore a plethora of Gemini TV’s Telugu serials and more on Sun NXT! The app offers endless entertainment options. It has live streaming, news, music videos, and comedy clips. Accessible on Android, iOS devices, Smart TVs, and more, Sun NXT caters to all preferences. Choose from various subscription plans to suit your budget. Don’t miss out—download the Sun NXT app now to dive into your favorite Telugu serials and beyond. Enjoy unlimited entertainment. Stay up-to-date with the latest in South Indian cinema. It’s all conveniently at your fingertips! 

What are the top 5 Tamil TV serials on SunNXT App for 2023?
What are the top 5 Tamil TV serials on SunNXT App for 2023?

If you are looking for some quality entertainment in Tamil, you might want to check out the SunNXT app, which offers a variety of TV shows, movies, and live channels. SunNXT is one of the leading OTT platforms in South India, with over 50 million subscribers. It has a rich collection of original and exclusive content, as well as popular shows from Sun TV, Gemini TV, Udaya TV, and Surya TV.

Today we will review the top 5 Tamil TV serials on SunNXT app for 2023, based on their ratings, popularity, and storyline. These serials cover different genres, such as family drama, romance, comedy, and social issues. They also feature some of the best actors and actresses in the Tamil industry. So, without further ado, let us take a look at the top 5 Tamil TV serials on SunNXT app for 2023.


1. Ethirneechal

Ethir neechal

Ethirneechal is a family drama that revolves around Janani Shakthivel, a high achiever and her three co-sisters – Eshwari Gunasekaran, Renuka Gnanasekaran and Nandhini Kathirvel, who are well-educated graduates, while all of their husbands aren’t educated at all. Janani Shakthivel faces the male chauvinism in Aadhi Gunasekaran’s house, but she is supported by her husband Aadhi Shakthivel alias Shakthi, who respects her aspirations and ambitions. The serial showcases the struggles and triumphs of Janani Shakthivel and her co-sisters, as they try to balance their personal and professional lives. The serial stars Madhumitha as Janani Shakthivel and Vela Ramamoorthy as Aadhi Gunasekaran, and streams on Sun TV.


2. Sundari


Sundari is a social drama that tells the story of a girl who faces discrimination for her dark skin, yet she fights against adversities in life. Sundari, whose real name is IAS Sundari Devi, has a kind heart but struggles to find the right man to marry. Undeterred, she strives to become an IAS officer, and achieves her goal despite many obstacles. Her journey towards fulfilling her dream takes her through many ups and downs in life, and also brings her face to face with her past. The serial stars Gabriella Sellus as Sundari, and explores the themes of self-love, empowerment, and justice.


3. Kayal


Kayal is a romantic drama that follows the life of Kayal, a nurse, who is the sole breadwinner of her family with two siblings. She has an elder brother Moorthy, a youngest brother Anbuselvan, and two younger sisters Anandhi and Devi. She finds happiness in her sacrifice to meet the needs of her siblings, who depend on her for everything. However, her life takes a turn when she falls in love with a doctor named Arjun, who belongs to a wealthy family. The serial depicts the challenges and conflicts that Kayal faces in her love life, as well as her family life. The serial stars Chaitra Reddy as Kayal and Sanjeev Karthik as Arjun.


4. Anandha Raagam

Anada Raagam

Anandha Raagam is a comedy drama that revolves around the marriage of an ambitious Eashwari and a school dropout Azhagar. The two are forced to tie the knot by their families, who have a long-standing rivalry. Eashwari, who wants to become an IPS officer, is not happy with her husband, who is a lazy and irresponsible person. Azhagar, who has a talent for music, is not interested in his wife, who is a strict and bossy person. The serial shows how this odd couple tries to make their marriage work, and whether they can find love and happiness in each other. The serial stars Anusha Prathap as Eashwari and Senthil Kumar as Azhagar.


5. Vaanathai Pola


Vaanathai Pola is a family drama that focuses on the bond between siblings, Chinrasu and Thulasi, who lose their parents at a young age. They will go to any lengths for each other, and consider themselves as each other’s soulmates. Chinrasu, who runs a dairy farm, is very protective of his sister, who is in love with Vetri, a lawyer. Thulasi, who is a teacher, is very supportive of her brother, who is in love with Meera, a doctor. The serial follows the stirring tale of this doting brother and sister, and how they face the trials and tribulations of life. The serial stars Thaman Kumar as Chinrasu and Maanya Aanandh as Thulasi, and is a remake of the Kannada serial Mangala Gowri Maduve.

These are the top 5 Tamil TV serials on SunNXT app for 2023, that you can watch and enjoy. They are sure to keep you hooked with their engaging plots, captivating performances, and relatable characters. So, what are you waiting for? Download the SunNXT app today, and binge-watch these amazing serials. You can also watch them on your TV, laptop, or any other device, as SunNXT is compatible with multiple platforms.

Happy watching!

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