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Science fiction has been a relatively novel genre in Tamil Cinema, with only a few notable entries standing out. Director Ravikumar’s sleeper hit, “Indru Netru Naalai,” was one such standout, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating his next project. Their excitement reached new heights when it was announced that Director Ravikumar would be collaborating with actor Siva Karthikeyan for the movie “Ayalaan.”

From its inception, “Ayalaan” generated considerable buzz, further fueled by the addition of Isaipuyal A.R. Rahman as the music director. With a substantial budget and extensive incorporation of visual effects, the film promised to be a technical marvel, seamlessly intertwining with its captivating storyline. Starring Rakul Preet Singh and comedian Yogi Babu alongside Siva Karthikeyan, the ensemble cast added to the anticipation.

Released on January 12th to coincide with Pongal celebrations, “Ayalaan” received an overwhelmingly positive response from both critics and audiences alike. Now you can watch the full movie online in HD on Sun NXT, offering viewers a chance to experience its magic once more.
With a runtime of 2 hours and 20 minutes, “Ayalaan” promises to be an entertaining watch for the whole family, making it an ideal choice for a weekend viewing. Don’t miss out on this exhilarating cinematic adventure – be sure to catch Ayalaan Tamil movie HD exclusively on Sun NXT and immerse yourself in its captivating world of science fiction and wonder.

Top Movies of 2023 in Sun NXT

The moment you step into the world of Sun NXT, you’ll embark on a cinematic journey that transcends time, bringing you a treasure trove of entertainment from old classics to the latest blockbusters. Sun NXT has become synonymous with top-notch movies, making it the ultimate destination for movie enthusiasts. In the year 2023, Sun NXT witnessed an extraordinary lineup of films that captivated audiences across languages. Let’s delve into the top movies that ruled Sun NXT in 2023, showcasing the platform’s commitment to delivering unparalleled cinematic experiences.


Tamil Blockbusters:


1. Bhageera:

Directed by Aadhik, “Bhageera” featuring Prabhu Deva in the lead role mesmerized audiences with its unique storyline and exceptional screenplay. Dive into the world of “Bhageera” on Sun NXT and experience the magic crafted by Aadhik.

2. Enthiran:

The timeless classic “Enthiran,” which became an industry hit of Kollywood in 2010, made a digital comeback in 2023. The digitally remastered version garnered immense views, allowing a new generation of viewers to experience the brilliance of this Rajinikanth starrer.


Malayalam Marvels:


1. Khali Purse of Billionaires:

“Khali Purse of Billionaires,” a 2023 Indian Malayalam-language comedy directed by Maxwell Jose, became a standout hit. Starring Dhyan Sreenivasan, Arjun Ashokan, Aju Varghese, and Tanvi Ram, the film offers a humorous take on the pursuit of wealth. Enjoy the laughter and comedic brilliance exclusively on Sun NXT.


Kannada Feast:


1. Mr. Bachelor:

In the Sandalwood section of Sun NXT, “Mr. Bachelor,” a 2023 Indian Kannada-language romantic drama directed by Naidu Bandaaru, stole hearts. Starring Darling Krishna, Nimika Ratnakar, and Milana Nagaraj, this romantic drama is a must-watch for Kannada movie enthusiasts.

2. Undenaama:

Bringing humor to the Kannada language section, “Undenaama” is a comedy film that unfolds the hilarious struggles of Venky to get married. Filled with twists and turns, this movie guarantees a laughter-packed experience. Don’t miss the comedic brilliance on Sun NXT.


Telugu Tales:


Phalana Abbayi Phalana Ammayi:

When it comes to some feel good family tales you can catch the movie Phalana Abbayi Phalana Ammayi. Srinivas Avasarala’s romantic comedy features Naga Shaurya and Malvika Nair and the movie takes audiences on a delightful journey of love. Their on-screen chemistry is unparalleled, making it a must-watch for love movie enthusiasts.


Sun NXT continues to be the beacon of top-tier entertainment, offering a diverse range of movies that cater to the varied tastes of its audience. From action-packed blockbusters to side-splitting comedies, Sun NXT has curated an exceptional collection of top movies from 2023 and beyond. Dive into the cinematic extravaganza, exclusively on Sun NXT, and let the magic of storytelling unfold on your screens.

Sun NXT: Your Ultimate Hub for Telugu Movies
Sun NXT: Your Ultimate Hub for Telugu Movies

Right when you get into the confusion of what to watch in Telugu movies, Sun NXT stands out as the one-stop destination for all your entertainment needs. Whether you’re in the mood for feel-good romance, gripping thrillers, action-packed adventures, or spine-chilling horror, Sun NXT has a diverse collection of Telugu movies to cater to every taste. Today let’s explore some must-watch movies across different genres available on this platform.


Feel-Good Movies


1. Ishq (2012):

A heartwarming Telugu romantic drama directed by Vikram Kumar. Starring Nithiin and Nithya Menon, the film takes an unexpected turn when a flight diversion to Goa changes the lives of the lead characters, Rahul and Priya. The movie received glowing reviews and holds a commendable 7.4/10 rating on IMDb.

2. Govindudu Andarivadele (2014):

Directed by Krishna Vamsi, this action-romance film follows the protagonist, Abhiram (played by Ram Charan), on a journey to reunite his estranged father with the family in India. The film beautifully explores family dynamics and personal connections.




1. Tholi Prema (2018):

Exploring the theme of first love, “Tholi Prema” captivates audiences with its engaging storyline, stellar performances, and soulful music. The film, with a rating of 7.2/10 on IMDb, takes you on Aditya’s journey as he faces challenges to win Varsha’s heart.

2. Manam (2014):

“Manam” is a timeless Telugu romantic comedy that spans a hundred years, featuring a star-studded cast including Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Nagarjuna, Naga Chaitanya, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, and Shriya Saran. The narrative unfolds across various time periods, weaving a tale of eternal love and reincarnation.



1. Kshanam (2016):

A mystery thriller directed by Ravikanth Perepu, “Kshanam” stars Adivi Sesh and Adah Sharma. The film follows Rishi, an NRI investment banker, returning to India to help his ex-girlfriend find her kidnapped child. Praised for its intriguing plot, the movie received positive reviews and commercial success.

2. Nannaku Prematho (2016):

This action thriller, directed by Sukumar, features N. T. Rama Rao Jr. as Abhiram, who seeks revenge for his family’s past financial losses. The movie unfolds with gripping sequences as Abhiram embarks on a mission to reclaim his family’s lost fortune.




1: Nenokkadine (2014):

Featuring Mahesh Babu as the protagonist, “1: Nenokkadine” takes audiences on a journey with Gautham, a rock star seeking revenge for his traumatic past. Despite initial commercial challenges, the film gained a cult following, credited to Mahesh Babu’s stellar performance and Sukumar’s unique storytelling.

2: Ala vaikunthapurramuloo:

The Telugu drama film features the stylish star Allu Arjun and revolves around multiple characters. A feel-good film that has all the elements of fun, emotion and romance. Do check it out for a fun-filled experience.




1. Demonty Colony:

Sun NXT offers a variety of horror movies, including “Demonty Colony,” providing a spine-chilling experience for horror enthusiasts.

2. Aruntahthi:

A classic horror film starring Anushka in the leading role that gives you chills every single time you watch. With gripping screenplay and extraordinary performances this film is a must watch.

Additionally, for those who wish to try some dubbed movies, Sun NXT presents a diverse selection, including Varun Doctor, Beast, Thuppaki, 1947 A Love Story, Gulu Gulu, and Nenu Rowdy Ne. Sun NXT emerges as the ultimate haven for Telugu movie enthusiasts, offering a vast and varied collection across genres. From heartwarming romances to spine-chilling horrors, Sun NXT ensures a cinematic experience that caters to every mood and preference. Dive into the world of Telugu cinema at Sun NXT and let the captivating stories unfold on your screen.

Enjoy the joy of Pongal with Sun NXT

Pongal is more than just a festival of traditional customs and delectable feasts. It’s also a time to enjoy the cultural richness of our heritage with our loved ones, through the amazing array of shows, movies, and events on television. This year, you don’t have to worry about missing out on the Pongal cheer, even if you’re on the move. Sun NXT brings you an unparalleled entertainment experience, right on your smartphone or laptop. 

Here are some of the highlights from the Pongal lineup on Sun NXT: 

Start your day with spirituality: 

  • Thai Maatha Palangal: Find out what the stars have in store for you this month, streaming live on Sun TV via Sun NXT at 6:30 AM. 
  • Ambattur Murugan Temple: Feel the divine presence of Lord Murugan as you watch the rituals at Ambattur Murugan Temple live on Sun NXT at 6 AM. 

Have some fun with shows: 

  • Pattimandram: Join the lively Pongal discussions with Solomn Pappaiah and his panel of experts. Streaming live on Sun TV via Sun NXT, the topic will explore the family dynamics, a key aspect of the festival. 
  • Ayalaan Movie Special: Get a sneak peek into the world of Ayalaan, the sci-fi thriller starring Sivakarthikeyan and Rakul Preet Singh. Watch the exclusive interviews with the cast and crew in a special show. 

Enjoy the afternoon with entertainment: 

  • Pongalo Pongal with Singapenne: Celebrate the festive spirit with Sevarakottai Anandhi as she showcases the Pongal celebrations in different parts of Tamil Nadu. Watch it on Sun NXT at 9 AM on Jan 15th. 
  • Naatama Theerpa Maathi Sollu: Laugh out loud with this hilarious show that features comedy skits and pranks. Catch it on Sun NXT at 10:00 AM. 

An energetic evening: 

  • Pongal Thiruvizha: Don’t miss the grand Pongal Thiruvizha celebration at 5 PM on Maatu Pongal, featuring music, dance, and games. 
  • Gramam vs. Nagaram: Watch Sun TV’s heroines battle it out to decide which lifestyle, Graamam or Nagaram, is better. Tune in to Sun NXT at 5 PM on Jan 15th. 

End your night with romance: 

  • Trending Jodigal: Fall in love with Sun TV’s mega-thodar stars as they perform romantic acts filled with fun and excitement. Watch it on Sun NXT at 10 PM. 

And of course, don’t forget the movie bonanza: 

Catch these blockbuster films premiering on Sun NXT: 

  • Leo: A thrilling action drama starring Thalapathy Vijay. 
  • Jigarthanda XX: A sequel to the cult classic Jigarthanda, starring Raghava Lawrence and S.J. Suriya. 
  • Laththi: A gripping crime thriller starring Vishal. 
  • Thiruchitrambalam: A family entertainer starring Dhanush and Nithya Menon. 

So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate Pongal in style with Sun NXT’s comprehensive lineup of shows, spiritual experiences, entertaining debates, and blockbuster movies. Don’t miss the live streams of Sun TV, all available on Sun NXT. Tune in to the festivities and cultural richness right from your devices. 

What are the Top 3 Telugu & Malayalam Movies available on SunNXT App?
What are the Top 3 Telugu & Malayalam Movies available on SunNXT App?

SunNXT is a popular OTT platform that offers a wide range of entertainment options in South Indian languages, such as Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, and Kannada. You can watch movies, TV shows, live channels, and original content on SunNXT, which has over 50 million subscribers. SunNXT is compatible with multiple devices, such as TV, laptop, mobile, and tablet, and you can download the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

In this blog post, we will review the top 3 Telugu and Malayalam movies available on SunNXT app for 2023, based on their ratings, popularity, and storyline. These movies cover different genres, such as action, thriller, romance, comedy, and drama. They also feature some of the best actors and actresses in the Telugu and Malayalam industry. So, let us take a look at the top 3 Telugu and Malayalam movies on SunNXT app for 2023.


1. Latti (Telugu)


Latti is an action thriller movie directed by A. Vinoth Kumar, starring Vishal and Sunaina. The movie revolves around a police constable, who gets trapped in a building with his 10-year-old kid, and how they escape from the building surrounded by a group of enemies. The movie has been praised for its high-octane action sequences, gripping plot, and stellar performances. Latti is a must-watch for action lovers, who will enjoy the edge-of-the-seat thrill and suspense.


2. Phalana Abbai Phalana Ammai (Telugu)

Phalana Abbai Phalana Ammai

Phalana Abbai Phalana Ammai is a feel-good movie, a love story between Anupama and Shauriya, starring Malavika Nair as Anupama Kasthuri and Naga Shauriya as Sanjay Pisapati. The movie follows the journey of Sanjay and Anupama, who are juniors at an engineering college in Vizag. They become friends in no time and later move to the UK to do their Master’s. Love blossoms between them and Sanjay comes to know something unexpected about Anupama. Later he distances himself from her. What is the reason? What happens to Anupama? Did they reunite? The movie has all the answers.


3. Rudhurudu (Telugu)


Rudhurudu is an action thriller movie starring Raghava Lawrence and Priya Bhavani Shankar. A criminal network’s secret is uncovered by a man, who embarks on a mission to expose them and keep his loved ones safe. The movie is a mix of action, comedy, and drama, and has been lauded for its hilarious and action scenes, as well as its social message. Rudhurudu is a fun-filled movie that will make you laugh and emote at the same time.


4. Mahaveeryar (Malayalam)


Mahaveeryar is a fantasy comedy movie directed by Abrid Shine, starring Nivin Pauly, Asif Ali, Shanvi Srivastava, and Lalu Alex. When a priceless statue goes missing from a Buddhist temple, a young monk is the prime suspect. But he soon discovers that the statue holds the key to a past life, where he was a king plagued by a strange disease. Now he must unravel the mystery of his connection to the statue, and the secrets of his royal legacy, before it is too late. The movie is a laugh riot, and has been praised for its witty dialogues, hilarious situations, and satirical humor. Mahaveeryar is a movie that will tickle your funny bone and entertain you thoroughly.


5. Khalipurse of Billionaires (Malayalam)

Khalipurse Of Billionaires

Khalipurse of Billionaires is a drama that depicts the journey of Vijay and Das, their passion, struggles, friendship, and the challenges they face to fulfill their dreams. A failed startup leads to a desperate plan for two friends, who decide to marry rich partners to solve their money problems. But their scheme backfires when they fall in love with the wrong people and end up in a hilarious mess.

Khalipurse of Billionaires is a movie that will inspire and intrigue you.


6. Anjaam Pathiraa (Malayalam)

Anjaam Pathiraa

Anjaam Pathiraa is a crime thriller movie that revolves around the police investigation of a serial killer, who targets fellow officers. The movie stars Kunchacko Boban as Anwar Hussain, a criminologist who joins the police team to crack the case. The movie is a nail-biting and suspenseful thriller, and has been acclaimed for its engaging plot, crisp editing, and superb acting. Anjaam Pathiraa is a movie that will keep you hooked till the end.

These are the top 3 Telugu and Malayalam movies on SunNXT app for 2023, that you can watch and enjoy. They are sure to keep you entertained with their captivating stories, stunning visuals, and remarkable performances. So, what are you waiting for? Download the SunNXT app today, and binge-watch these amazing movies. You can also watch them on your TV, laptop, or any other device, as SunNXT is compatible with multiple platforms.

Happy watching!