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  • Upenna: Chakravarthy and Parvati defy parents, marry. Daughter Janani excels despite setbacks. Gogineni Sivaram proposes Abhiram to Janani. Janani learns truth, finds solace in Abhiram. They fight against abusive in-laws ensues, with sisters’ support. How will they overcome the hurdles and unite? Watch Upenna serial online on Sun NXT to find out.
  • Ardhangi: Unfortunate events force an ambitious Eashwari and a school dropout Sundara Murthy to tie the knot. Can this odd couple turn their marriage into a happily ever after? Will Eashwari realize her IPS dream amidst life’s many hardships? Watch Ardhangi serial online on Sun NXT to find out.
  • Geethanjali: Geetha’s idyllic life with her beloved husband Ramu and their extended family is disrupted by fate’s cruel hand. Follow Geetha’s journey as she navigates family dynamics amidst life’s challenges.
  • Anu Ane Nenu: In the midst of an unhappy marriage with Akshara, Dr. Venkatesh finds solace in his daughter, Shruti. However, he’s drawn to Anu, whose compassion for Shruti captivates him. As confusion sets in, will fate bring them together? Watch “Anu Ane Nenu” on Sun NXT to discover if love prevails amidst life’s complexities.
  • Aa Okkati Adakku: Pilli Padmanabha Simha’s ancestral house bars women, and his grandsons swear off marriage. However, when Komali and Mallika become daughters-in-law, chaos ensues. Watch as tradition clashes with modernity in the Pilli household.

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